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laura & ryan | albuquerque bosque engagement | lifestyle photography

Absolutely. LOVE. These 2! Crazy to think that a simple, innocent cup of coffee could lead into the beginning of a love story. I had such a wonderful time capturing these two at the coffee shop where ryan asked laura to be his wife. The ironic part of our photo shoot is I had suggested […]


dylan hodges | newborn | lifestyle photography

Could a baby boy be more precious? I absolutely love this little guy and his wonderful parents. It was one of those shoots where you completely have to play it  by ear and be on the baby’s napping/eating/bathroom schedule. I was welcomed into such a beautifully decorated home that just screamed creativity. So amongst our […]


cura | everyday life | lifestyle photography

Meet Cura. The adorable, playful, so-hard-not-to-love puppy, who has captured my heart. Just had a day where I wanted to get my camera out and capture some fun moments with my little monster. Although she can be a little sassy at times she is 110% a part of the family!


larry & rhonda | san clemente church & crown plaza | wedding

What a beautiful wedding! I had met Larry & Rhonda about a year ago when we had taken family portraits in the Albuquerque Bosque. When I was asked to photograph their early fall wedding, I was so excited to work with these two again. This couple is incredible and so in love with one another […]


josh & tennille | casa rodena winery | wedding

No bride likes to hear that there is a forecast of 60-70% chance of rain on her wedding day. Gotta love this girl’s attitude towards it all as I asked her about her plan “B”…. “Our wedding is on Friday the 13th. Do you think I’m very concerned with superstitions?” Aww Tennille, how I adore […]


josh & tennille | botanical gardens engagement | lifestyle photography

josh and tennille. What a fun, down to earth couple! The Albuquerque Botanical Gardens created the perfect back drop for this engagement shoot with all the gorgeous and vibrant colors. From dancing to innocent butterfly kisses, it’s not hard to tell these two are in love. Excited for your wedding day!


spanos family | lifestyle photography

Loved working with this cute little family! From the moment I met Dimitri and his beautiful wife Jewell and learned of their Greek background, I was down right excited. They welcomed me with open arms into their beautiful home where the background was full of so much love and character, and truly represented the Spanos […]


meyer family | lifestyle photography

Had the opportunity to hang out with this wonderful family again! Last fall was when we took Sara’s lovely Botanical Garden senior photos, but this time we captured the Sandia mountain’s beauty for our back drop. Rockin’ the classy white shirts with jeans, and despite the nat infestation annoyance, it had a fun time with […]


keith & jeny | maternity | lifestyle photography

Jeny makes pregnancy look cute as hell. Here’s a quick view to a maternity shoot taken in downtown Las Cruces, NM. The sun was setting just perfectly as these two love birds were getting more and more comfortable with their photo shoot. Can’t wait to meet Baby McKayla! Enjoy. B


thayer family | lifestyle photography

Anytime a family welcomes me into their home, for a more intimate family photoshoot, there is such a different feel to it. As the kids are waking up from naps, I was able to capture a few pictures of the home filled with child artwork, animal crackers, family photos, and of course — the best […]